Circuit Bent Toy Guitar by A.S.M.O.

Circuit Bent Toy Guitar by A.S.M.O. (Photo credit: asmo23)

What I have discovered through the class is that persistence is key! I have talked a bit about the difficulties with the sounds getting finished/approved and whatnot for the capstone game. They finally have been finished! Reaktor is a favorite of mine. It is seemingly endless, and I find myself lost in it for hours. Love it!

Also, I have been introduced to circuit bending. Unfortunately, I have been unable to fully complete a project. But, I am not going to give up on that anytime soon! I have a few fried boards, but purchased the toys for pretty cheap, so it’s not a huge loss. And! Each time I fry a new board, I feel that I’m getting closer to not destroying quite so many ūüôā

Overall, I think I have gained valuable experience in working with a group that isn’t in my class, but one that I still need to collaborate with to get a project finished.

Circuit bending tutorials that are good are somewhat hard to find since each toy, sound, and experience is different! I still have a few guitars that I’m saving for when I get better equipment and ventilation. Very excited about taking those apart and, hopefully, not frying them!



Delicious Experimentation and Deep Fried Circuits

So, I have put the game sounds into an afterthought mode. Working with the group, and their mind changes and their fighting amongst themselves has left me with a sour taste in my mouth. I am still going to help them with their project, but I am now feeling that it isn’t enough, since I find myself not excited about doing it.

Other than that, however, I have started my journey into circuit bending. I went to Value Village, and purchased a handful of child toys that made noise. Amazingly, all of them worked! The first one that I opened up was one of those See and Say toys, where you pull lever from the top and the arrow lands on various animals. I find myself waiting now for some switches and whatnot, to be able to manipulate the sounds to how I would like them. When I found myself waiting for these things, I decided to open up another toy.

This toy had LEDS and while exploring the circuit, I ended up frying it ūüė¶ Sparks¬†literally¬†came off of it. It happens though, and that’s why you only use battery powered ones!

After that, i reached for a little playskool keyboard, but find that I can’t get the last two screws out of it.

That is where I now sit, is waiting. I have a few more toys that I am planning on opening up, but I woud like to¬†experiment¬†more with the first one that I have, since the other ones are pretty neat and I don’t want to fry them, just yet.



Continuing work on the sounds for the space, tower defense game. I have come up with some ambient, pulsing, electric sounds.

Here are most of the sounds, at least the ones that I have on Sound cloud right now. Below are a few that I pulled aside.

Pulsing sound, for big mother ship, or scanner.

Some small, dangerous music, oooooh.

More music, to be used for the various sets of waves.

In this conglomerate of sounds, is the sounds of smaller ships firing, as well as a few others I’m looking at utilizing. Made with Reaktor.

On a side note, I have¬†acquired¬†the book that was shown in class, Circuit Bending, Build Your Own Alien Instruments.¬† I think that is something that I’m going to start working with, as I have found myself having¬†purchased¬†wire strippers, wire, and a¬†soldering¬†iron. ūüôā The creation of sounds, unrecognizable from their original state,¬†fascinates¬†me! I know nothing about electronics, so am¬†apprehensive¬† but will be sure to post my results. Apparently, though, the author of the¬†aforementioned¬†book knew nothing either ūüôā

Sound Library…not so linear! :D

So, working with the sound library was super fun and somewhat easy with Kyma. I’m looking forward to using Kyma, and Reaktor in the process of working on the final. Being able to take sounds and transform them into something unrecognizable and unique is simply just plain fun! I have, however, decided that I am unable to do them in order. When working with Kyma, the sounds tend to turn out somewhat random! When I hear one that catches my attention, I grab it, look at my list, and figure out what I would link it to.


Kyma is awesome!

Interpretation, or Initiative?

Something I am coming to realize with the idea of a final, is that I’m going to have to “grab the reins” a little more than I was initially planning on. Before, I was thinking that it was going to be a challenge to take directions from another group of people, since it’s their game, and not mine. But! They seem to be least¬†concerned¬†with the sound, and keep putting it off whenever I ask about it. I do understand that sound isn’t the main priority in most productions of any sort. But, still.

Other than that, I have also come to notice that there are many programs that I can’t wait to actually LEARN how to use!! ‘Specially in the making of the sounds for the above mentioned game. Ryasa and I played around with Reaktor a little bit, and found that it was much more of a challenge just to get the hang of basic things. Then, the pre-done plugins in Reaktor appear limitless! Have lots more exploring to do!

The start of a journey…!

Upon trying to decide what to be working on in this class, I asked myself what I wanted to take from being in this class in the first place…what did I want to apply it to?

Well, video games, duh ūüôā

So, I have decided to collaborate with one of the capstone groups, and am looking into working on the sounds for the space themed game they are making in the class. I feel this will be a good learning experience, and opportunity as well. I can work on my Foley skills, as well as the skills of working with others (cringe).

The progress, thus far, has been moot. I am awaiting the group members to create a more solid idea of what things, such as weapons and ships, will be in the game, so that I will be able to work from there. I think I will get started on the music and generalized sounds first, instead of just sitting on my hands, so-to-speak.

I think my biggest challenge with this will be that the game is not my project. It will almost be like working for someone else, and having to cater to what they like and want, instead of what I want.

There is also the realization that with a variety of weapons and ships, there will need to be a variety of sounds as well. They will need to each sound different enough as to be recognizable from one another. I haven’t created “space” type sounds as of yet, so am looking into inspiration, such as THX 1138, and various youtube videos on game sound creations.

Should be interesting!