The start of a journey…!

Upon trying to decide what to be working on in this class, I asked myself what I wanted to take from being in this class in the first place…what did I want to apply it to?

Well, video games, duh 🙂

So, I have decided to collaborate with one of the capstone groups, and am looking into working on the sounds for the space themed game they are making in the class. I feel this will be a good learning experience, and opportunity as well. I can work on my Foley skills, as well as the skills of working with others (cringe).

The progress, thus far, has been moot. I am awaiting the group members to create a more solid idea of what things, such as weapons and ships, will be in the game, so that I will be able to work from there. I think I will get started on the music and generalized sounds first, instead of just sitting on my hands, so-to-speak.

I think my biggest challenge with this will be that the game is not my project. It will almost be like working for someone else, and having to cater to what they like and want, instead of what I want.

There is also the realization that with a variety of weapons and ships, there will need to be a variety of sounds as well. They will need to each sound different enough as to be recognizable from one another. I haven’t created “space” type sounds as of yet, so am looking into inspiration, such as THX 1138, and various youtube videos on game sound creations.

Should be interesting!



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