Interpretation, or Initiative?

Something I am coming to realize with the idea of a final, is that I’m going to have to “grab the reins” a little more than I was initially planning on. Before, I was thinking that it was going to be a challenge to take directions from another group of people, since it’s their game, and not mine. But! They seem to be least concerned with the sound, and keep putting it off whenever I ask about it. I do understand that sound isn’t the main priority in most productions of any sort. But, still.

Other than that, I have also come to notice that there are many programs that I can’t wait to actually LEARN how to use!! ‘Specially in the making of the sounds for the above mentioned game. Ryasa and I played around with Reaktor a little bit, and found that it was much more of a challenge just to get the hang of basic things. Then, the pre-done plugins in Reaktor appear limitless! Have lots more exploring to do!


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