Continuing work on the sounds for the space, tower defense game. I have come up with some ambient, pulsing, electric sounds.

Here are most of the sounds, at least the ones that I have on Sound cloud right now. Below are a few that I pulled aside.

Pulsing sound, for big mother ship, or scanner.

Some small, dangerous music, oooooh.

More music, to be used for the various sets of waves.

In this conglomerate of sounds, is the sounds of smaller ships firing, as well as a few others I’m looking at utilizing. Made with Reaktor.

On a side note, I have acquired the book that was shown in class, Circuit Bending, Build Your Own Alien Instruments.  I think that is something that I’m going to start working with, as I have found myself having purchased wire strippers, wire, and a soldering iron. 🙂 The creation of sounds, unrecognizable from their original state, fascinates me! I know nothing about electronics, so am apprehensive  but will be sure to post my results. Apparently, though, the author of the aforementioned book knew nothing either 🙂


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