Delicious Experimentation and Deep Fried Circuits

So, I have put the game sounds into an afterthought mode. Working with the group, and their mind changes and their fighting amongst themselves has left me with a sour taste in my mouth. I am still going to help them with their project, but I am now feeling that it isn’t enough, since I find myself not excited about doing it.

Other than that, however, I have started my journey into circuit bending. I went to Value Village, and purchased a handful of child toys that made noise. Amazingly, all of them worked! The first one that I opened up was one of those See and Say toys, where you pull lever from the top and the arrow lands on various animals. I find myself waiting now for some switches and whatnot, to be able to manipulate the sounds to how I would like them. When I found myself waiting for these things, I decided to open up another toy.

This toy had LEDS and while exploring the circuit, I ended up frying it ūüė¶ Sparks¬†literally¬†came off of it. It happens though, and that’s why you only use battery powered ones!

After that, i reached for a little playskool keyboard, but find that I can’t get the last two screws out of it.

That is where I now sit, is waiting. I have a few more toys that I am planning on opening up, but I woud like to¬†experiment¬†more with the first one that I have, since the other ones are pretty neat and I don’t want to fry them, just yet.



One thought on “Delicious Experimentation and Deep Fried Circuits

  1. Love that you are digging deep with your sounds and especially appreciate the links to some of your research. Thanks for sharing!

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